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When Aging in Place is no Longer an Option...

Written by on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 8:23 pm

My team and I recently assisted an elderly couple in their move to an assisted living facility due to their declining health. Their family lived out of the area and they were ill equipped to handle the many decisions that needed to be made and were understandable overwhelmed.

After you’ve exhausted all avenues such as reverse mortgages, universal design, multi-generational living and determined that Aging in Place is no longer an option for you or your loved one, it becomes very obvious that difficult decisions will need to be made. It’s very important to have a caring, experienced team of professionals on your side to assist you with these decisions.

There are many factors and details involved in this process. To illustrate, here are a only a few to consider that a qualified team of professionals should be able to assist you with: 


  • Senior counselor assistance
  • Assistance with locating appropriate housing alternatives
  • Elder law attorneys for wills trusts, estates or power of attorney
  • Financial planners and CPAs (They can make sure you are aware of certain financial implications and/or benefits of selling your home that may apply to you, such as Capital Gains Tax Exclusion, Proposition 60/90, if you are “merely” downsizing, the 3.8% Medicare Tax, cost basis and more)
  • Estate organizers and liquidators
  • Seniors moving specialists
  • Transportation organizations
  • And don’t forget to eat! (Meals on Wheels is a great organization if you
    are not capable of preparing your own meals)

Again, this is only a small sample of the many cogs in the wheel in addition to the many traditional tasks involved in home selling preparation.

Most importantly, it’s important to work with someone who will be patient with you and/or your parents. Some may be dealing with the traumatic loss of a spouse. For many, this represents their life story, the place where they may have raised their family, shared family gatherings and accumulated a lifetime of memories. It’s no wonder why selling a home is often emotionally charged and potentially overwhelming, even in the best of circumstances, and all the more reason why you should work with someone who has assisted many seniors and their families such as yourself with this difficult process.

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